Heaters and coolers work long hours to bring your room to a desirable temperature. Hence, phenomena such as condensation shouldn’t be a worrying sight. However, if you find condensation pooling around your furnace, there are a few things you can check yourself before calling a professional.  Before you can go on checking for anything abnormal, identify the kind of furnace you have. If it’s a high-efficiency condensing furnace, there must be a white PVC pipe jutting out from the top or side of the furnace. If it’s a conventional furnace, you will see a metal pipe instead. No matter the kind, we will help you identify the source of the problem, and if there’s a need for a heating repair in Manassas, we’ll help you with that!

Different types of furnaces and the possibility of condensation

Different types of furnaces have different properties. Hence, the fact that condensation is normal in them or not differs.

  1. High-efficiency condensing furnace
    It is completely normal to find condensation on a high-efficiency furnace since it’s working twice as hard as a normal furnace. Most of the time, it requires a minor repair like cleaning blocked condensate pipes, issues with the condensate pumps and condensation line. A high-efficiency furnace uses two heat exchangers, unlike a conventional furnace which only uses one. These two heat exchangers absorb large amounts of heat, which turns the exhaust gas from a solid state to a liquid state. This condensation is drained via the condensate line. In these lines, blockages or leaks disrupt the flow of condensed liquid, and you find visible leaks around your furnace. Make sure nothing is clogging the drain trap. The drain trap collects dirt and water and is prone to clogging over time. But if you think the issue can be something more critical or complex, rest easy and schedule an HVAC repair in Manassas, VA, to have your heating equipment up and running in no time.
  2. Conventional furnace
    A conventional furnace has a different set of reasons for leakage in your furnace. Usually, it’s a leakage in your humidifier, poorly designed vent pipe, or if your furnace leaks when the AC is on, the issue is with the air conditioner.
    • A clogging or a leakage in your humidifier could explain the water pooling around your furnace. To find out, check if you have a built-in humidifier which is usually visible from the outside. Check if there are leaks in the drain line.
    • A metal flue pipe can cause condensation if it does not have a slope or is too big. This way, the gases that escape from the furnace accumulate, condense and leak around it.
    • The AC in your room not only lowers the temperature but also dehumidifies the air in it. The absorbed moisture usually drains your house via the condensate line, but a simple clogging or leak can hinder that.

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