They say that technology can be more efficient than humans, but it will always have loopholes. Every technical gadget will eventually face some error. The HVAC systems are undoubtedly a long-term investment. They serve you multiple seasons as per your needs. However, for this reason, they require maintenance and sometimes repair. In such cases, you will require a heating repair in Centerville, VA, to solve your HVAC-related issues. Before you land up in a situation with a non-working furnace in the winter season, keep an eye out for the following warning signs your furnace needs repair:

  • Increase in Bills

Is there an increase in your electricity bills compared to your last year’s bill? If yes, then it is time to repair or replace your furnace. You may get your furnace checked by a trained professional to find the actual issue with the system. By doing this, the machine’s efficiency will increase, and your utility bills will decrease.

  • Unwanted Sounds

Sometimes, different sounds start coming from the furnace that you may ignore initially. These sounds may not affect the hot air coming through, but these rattling or crackling noises are warning sounds that should be dealt with so that there is no issue in the furnace in the long run. Only a professional can identify an issue and come up with the appropriate solution.

  • Yellow Pilot Light

The pilot light inside the furnace system should be blue. If it looks yellow, it means that the furnace system has started releasing carbon monoxide, a very harmful gas. Remember to turn off the heater if you see any flame discoloration. If the furnace light starts looking yellow, you must get it checked by an experienced professional to prevent a mishap.

  • Dust

If the filters are filled with dust, the machine has to do more work, and the output is less. Due to this, the efficiency of the machine is reduced. It also decreases the age of the furnace in the long term. Homeowners must change the air filters every three months.

  • Age of the System

If the furnaces look worn out, then there is a chance that the furnace needs to be changed. Modern furnaces have a life of 15-20 years. The efficiency of a system reduces every year. Until it reaches 10- 15 years, the furnace will lose 40-60% of the efficiency. It would be better to replace the furnace if your HVAC system has reached its maximum age.

These are a combination of signs that you need to know whether the furnace needs a repair or replacement. There might be some technical issues that only a technician can rectify. For this, ask a heating company Manassas for further treatment.

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