Taking care of your furnace involves maintenance and tune-up and thinking of ways to make it more efficient and cost-effective. If efficiency is not paid attention to, it declines slowly and increases utility bills. So, at JSJ Contractors, we have compiled a special list for you to keep your furnace efficient.

It can involve tricks to keep your home insulated and techniques within the unit to keep it functioning effectively.

  • Insulate your windows and doors: In old houses, or wooden houses, often some cracks let in the cold air. You can consider covering them with weather stripping to stop the heat from going out to resolve this.

Moreover, attics are well-known for having cracks and crevices that let the heat out from the house. So, make sure to inspect the attic and insulate it as well.

  • Use the Ceiling fans: Ceiling fans help circulate the hot air throughout your house. If your house is not warm enough and needs proper circulation of hot air, then turn on the ceiling fans.
  • Use a natural heating source: If there is proper sunlight coming through the windows, let it soak in! Sunlight is a natural warmer, and it can save your heating costs as well! Also, the sunlight can warm up the house, making it easier and more efficient for the furnace to cool all the rooms.
  • Use the exhaust fans cautiously: Exhaust fans work by sucking the air out of the room and pushing it out. It also creates strong backdrafts. So, to save your furnace the struggle of heating your room repeatedly, try using exhaust fans in a limitation. It will keep your house warmer and will keep your electricity costs less.
  • Regularly maintain your HVAC unit: Believe us, a good maintenance routine can keep your furnace more efficient than any of these techniques. If you’re investing in maintenance plans, scheduling tune-up appointments, and are taking care of your HVAC unit, then it will be at the best of its game!

It ensures efficiency and cost-effectiveness and extends its lifespan! We offer the best HVAC repair Manassas, VA service that maintains your furnace and keeps it working!

But how to clean it? Use these steps to clean your furnace, and inspect for leakages or cracks in pipelines, ducts, or components.

  • Replace the filter once every 90 days.
  • Clean condensate lines and drain pipes.
  • Check the ducts for leakages.
  • Clean the flame sensor and burner.
  • Use programmable thermostats: Newer models of thermostats that allow for custom temperature settings at any time of the day are much more efficient than older models.

The programmable thermostats can let you decrease the temperature when you’re not at home, and they can automatically increase the temperature when needed.

If you wish to know more about furnace efficiency, JSJ Contractors will be happy to help you on the topic! Contact the best furnace repair Centreville, VA service, and we’ll sort your issues out! Reach us out on 571-655-2231 or visit our website!