HVAC units are a true blessing for humans. HVAC units can bring the sweaty hot weather and the chill winters to moderation. But is your HVAC system prepared for the upcoming winter season? Let’s find out.

Is your system ready to face the cold season?

If your HVAC system has been working for the last 15+ years, it is probably time to consider investing in a new unit. The system’s efficiency must have gone down to 40-60% and would also cost you money on the HVAC repair Manassas, VA, and higher utility bills.

It is good to pre-check the system before bringing it to use, even for recently brought devices. This will ensure the longevity of your system, and you will enjoy the machine with all its benefits. The mechanical aspect must be handled by a professional, yet there are some basic steps that a user can perform before using the system for the season.

  • Replace Air Filters

After continuous usage, the air filters need to be replaced. This replacement must be done every three months. If the air filters are dirty, it will put more pressure on the machine resulting in more power usage. Gradually the output energy will reduce and thus the efficiency of the HVAC.

  • Conduct a Soundcheck

First of all, turn on your system and listen carefully to the sounds. Sometimes you can hear some rattling or crackling sounds in your HVAC system. If so, turn off the system and call a professional for inspecting your device.

  • Check for Moisture

Check that all the vents are in proper condition. If there is moisture or rust, it might be a sign of a problem. Refer to a professional for expert guidance.

  • Look for Vents

Check that all your windows are sealed to restrict the outside air to get in. This reduces the output of the HVAC system and does not provide you with the desired comfort and temperature. In case of any loophole, seal it as soon as possible to maximise comfort and satisfy your needs.

You must remember to perform the above-given checks only after turning off the power and only after the blower stops.

How to Prepare Your Device for the Next Season?

Perform maintenance checks at least twice a year. It would not only keep your device in a good state but also prevent you from costly repairs in one go. This will also keep the system efficient for a long time, thus increasing its life span. Also, after the completion of a season, ensure that the device is properly kept for the next season.

You can contact our professional staff for heating repair Manassas if you find any signs of malfunctioning. The HVAC technicians are qualified to ensure the proper working of the system. Apart from the pre-season check, we conduct special tests for the various components of your device. We ensure that your device is cleaned, lubricated and working effectively. Contact us through our website to have a comfortable HVAC season ahead.